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SCDC 2023

SCDC was amazing and thank you to everyone who attended!

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Overall Competition Times Schedules

These are not by school, just by event. In order to view your specific school schedule, view the Registration Link Above

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SCDC Updates!

Hello DECA! We have had some significant changes to our schedules. They are posted below. Be advised though, this could change throughout the day and to check back here often. Also, make sure to check in with your advisor throughout the day. We hope you enjoy the event and don't forget to participate in the Goosechase app! View the Competition Time Schedules above or your advisor can login to view through the registration portal.

Workshop Speakers and Rooms

Judges and Event Rooms and Times

Written Event Submissions

Students participating in Written Events will be presenting their work to the Judge at SCDC. You do not need to bring a printout of your papers, but many competitors find this helpful so the judge can flip through it. Most judges have not read your paper, they were judged by a virtual judge. So having a hard copy can help. If you are not able to print the full paper, your executive summary would be a good one pager to bring and give to the judge. Written event presentations should only bring items that they can carry. You will be responsible for any display materials for the entire day! So keep that in mind when deciding how you want to present your work. Any laptops will be your sole responsibility. MD DECA and the Hotel are NOT responsible for stolen or missing items. So keep track of your valuables.

Helpful Items for Written Events:

Statement of Written Assurances (MUST be uploaded along with your written event)

Written Events:

Business Growth Plan

Business Operations Research

Franchise Business Plan

Independent Business Plan

Innovation Plan

Integrated Marketing

International Business Plan

Professional Selling Events

Project Management

Start Up Business Plan

SCDC Online Testing

Testing has concluded for SCDC. Your score will be added to your overall score and counts for 1/3 of your final score.